Exfoliation Treatments at Home That Get Polished Results

Do you ever feel like your skin just needs to be polished? Fall and winter can make your skin cry and beg for attention. Environmental exposure to dry heat indoors, and cold winds outdoors, can result in skin that feels dry, rough, and overall looks blah.

A monthly appointment with your favorite local medial spa is ideal but not always in the budget, nor practical. So, what is a person to do?

You can achieve mild to moderate chemical exfoliation treatments at home that get polished results that are highly budget friendly and provide consistent benefits that get better with time.

First, let us consider what we are trying to accomplish with exfoliation. The goal is to remove a build of dead skin that is creating the lackluster appearance, clogging pores, creating a rough texture, and blocking your pricy cosmeceuticals from penetrating to the healthy skin layers. What you may feel like doing is scrubbing your face off with a texture cloth or facial or loofah. Please do not do that and here is why.

Mechanical exfoliation of the skin is most often overdone. Those dead skin cells are held together by a sticky substance and intended to be there to protect the skin. However, without proper and routine exfoliation treatments the layers of dead skin called the stratum corneum becomes unnecessarily thickened and "scrubbing it off" is not effective and damages healthy cells. This may cause inflammation, breakouts and even discolorations caused by skin trauma called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH. PIH may take weeks or several months to fade and are more stubborn to treat than sunspots. The best plan to prevent PIH is prevention by avoiding aggressive or too frequent mechanical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation with natural ingredients will gently break up and remove excess dead skin for a more polished complexion. The ingredients in a fruit acid-based product option also enhances the health of the skin cells and encourages the skin cells to micro-exfoliate more frequency and thus preventing the overly thickened stratum corneum.

Shape Up Skin Bar recommends the regular use of SkinPhD 7 Fruit Amidroxy two to three times weekly. A concentrated serum containing a special blend of natural fruit acids from red and citrus fruits, which gently yet effectively help to slough away the dull, dead, dry skin cells that naturally occur on the surface of the skin, leaving it looking radiant and bright, with improved appearance in color and complexion. Suitable for all skin types tones. 

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